A dental implant is an artificial tooth root replacement that is placed below the gum in the jawbone. It is used to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth that is/are missing. Implant retained replacement teeth are more comfortable than dentures as there is no slipping or movement. They are also a great alternative to bridgework for permantely replacing missing teeth.

As dental implants are placed below the gum in the jawbone they maintain the shape and sturcture of the jaw bone which will change after teeth have been extracted.

Benefits of implant-borne teeth:

  • They are the most natural solution esthetically and functionally
  • Fit harmoniously into the dental arch
  • Cannot be distinguished from real teeth in function and appearance in daily life
  • Provide a stable foundation for the denture. They spare patients the disadvantages of conventional prostheses such as pressure points and poor fit. The palate is not longer covered by plastic denture material, which has a positive effect on speech and the sense of taste
  • They make it unnecessary to use the neighboring teeth to support an artificial tooth (teeth)
  • Can prevent bone atrophy - like natural tooth roots, implants transmit chewing forces evenly to the jaw bone. This is stressed during chewing, just like with natural teeth, so it preserves its natural shape. If this stress is absent, as with conventional solutions, the jaw bone shrinks slowly
  • Reliable

Implantology is a highly specialised field and we are proud to be able to offer the services of a extremely skilled and experienced clinician trained in this field of dentistry.