7 Hidden Dangers of Cheap Dental Implants

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The UK sees approximately 10,000 private implant procedures every year. Most of the patients? Aged 65 or older.

The thing is, it costs around ?1,000 per tooth for a dental implant. That’s nowhere near being cheap.

This is also the reason people come looking for cheap dental implants. They want to save money, but many of them are unaware they’re risking their own health for it. Experts have noticed an increase in cases of infections in patients with implants, and at an alarming rate at that.

Don’t fret though. There are preventive measures and management tactics for your oral health.

It also pays to know more about the dangers of cheap tooth implants. This way, you get to decide whether they’re worth the risk.

1. Cheap Dental Implants: A Ticking Time Bomb

As mentioned above, infections in patients with cheap dental implants have increased. There’s peri-implantitis, for instance.

It’s a relatively new disease and a type of bacterial infection. It results in gum inflammation and bone loss around implants. There’s also the financial and biological costs, associated with implant arrangement.

According to Dr. Stephen Jacobs, a former Association of Dental Implantology president, studies have shown that one-third of patients are at risk of infection. And about half a million adults now have at least one dental implant.

Preceded by a much milder disease called implant mucositis, its early warning signs include red, swollen gums and bleeding. From there, peri-implantitis develops, especially when left untreated.

A dental implant requires lifelong maintenance and follow-ups. These are key to their maintenance. Sad thing is, a lot of people forget about these aftercare procedures.

Indeed, these cheap implants cost less compared to the average rates well-known and reliable doctors charge. Consider this though: The treatment of the infection will force you to shell out more money in the end.

2. Nerve Damage

Research from King’s College Dental Institute showed that nerve damage can also result from cheap implants.

Patients already suffering from nerve injuries experience even more pain due to their implants. They also face difficulties in eating, talking, and unfortunately, even kissing.

Keep this in mind: Around 1% of implant procedures have something to do with nerve injuries. This said implantologists need to provide an improved level of before-and-after care procedures to their implant patients.

Seeking a professional clinician should be a top concern when you need dental implants. Only reputable licensed clinicians educate their patients about the risks and benefits of having it done. They also make certain they get signed consent from their patients.

Cheap dental implants no longer come cheap if you suffer from these terrible injuries. Keep in mind that negligence can already result in nerve damage.

This said, make sure you choose an experienced and licensed practitioner. This way, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the hands of someone committed to providing quality implant treatment.

3. Perforation of the Sinus Cavity

Complications with the sinuses. Sounds complicated, right? Because it is, and it’s a risk you put yourself in with cheap dental implants.

This can happen when an upper jaw implant protrudes into the maxillary sinus cavity.

A break in the sinus cavity can cause mild to severe aches or tingling sensation in the sinuses. It can also lead to headaches, pain, and even severe migraines.

4. Implant Breakage or Fracture

Cheap dental implants made from cheap materials can fracture or break. When this happens, you’re in trouble. Especially if the bone doesn’t have enough strength and mass to support a new abutment screw.

And even if your bone can still support a new one, it still means more expenses on your side.

5. Integration Failure

In an ideal after-procedure scenario, the bone begins to regrow and fuse with the implant. When this happens, it provides support and secondary stability. Ultimately, it leads to the implant’s biological stability.

But this isn’t always the case. Not with cheap dental implants anyway. There are many cases wherein the implant failed within the first few weeks after the procedure.

To keep infections and other serious risks at bay, you need to correct the failed implant. But what if you sought cheap treatment far from your location? You’d have to pay up more to see one in your area right away.

This means even more out-of-money expenses. It’s why you should work only with experienced dental implantologists. They have the knowledge and skills to ensure proper osseointegration.

6. Hyperplasia

It’s also known as inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia. Basically, it’s an irritation that develops as a reaction to poorly fitting dental implants. Swelling and excess tissue around the affected area are just some of what you can expect.

Although it’s a typically painless benign condition and not a type of oral cancer, surgery is the only way to treat it. So, you may pay less now for those cheap dental implants, but you may face a lot more unnecessary expenses in the future.

7. Injury to Adjacent Teeth

Getting cheap dental implants may also put you at risk for injuries to the teeth adjacent to the implant. This occurs when the insertion of the implant is along an improper axis. It can also result from the use of an excessively larger implant.

Such cases arise from having little to no evaluation of your teeth’s history. So, when this type of misdiagnosis happens, you’re at a higher risk of oral damage.

It’s Not Always Cheap

The appeal of saving money for a single dental procedure or surgery is tempting. At the same time, it’s extremely risky. Cheap dental implants aren’t truly cheap at all if you’re going to suffer from complications afterward.

Risking your health and your emergency fund aren’t worth the “initial” savings. You may cut down your costs a bit on that one-time offer but just think about the pain and suffering that may follow.

So, act rationally and weigh your options carefully. Take as much time as you need to find the right professional. This way, you can rest assure only quality oral health services await you.

If you’re ready to have your missing teeth replaced with top-notch implants, give us a call. We’re ready to provide you in-depth and professional advice to help make your smile better.

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