Girls that had teeth whitening treatment in Paddington

Teeth Whitening in Paddington

Over time, your teeth may become stained or yellowed by the food and drink you consume every day, or by exposure to cigarette smoke. Having whiter, brighter teeth can greatly improve your confidence and self-esteem and give you a smile that you can be proud of. At [email protected], we offer regular scale-and-polish appointments with our experienced dentists and hygienists, and we are pleased to also offer the latest in teeth whitening treatments to really bring out your teeth’s natural beauty.

What is teeth whitening?

We are certified to provide the Philips Zoom! teeth whitening system, which is used world-wide to improve patients’ smiles by making teeth several shades whiter.

It is entirely non-invasive, meaning that no anaesthetic is required; it is completely painless and highly effective. In just a single treatment, your teeth will be visibly much whiter and brighter.

How does teeth whitening work?

For instantly whiter teeth, you will need to book a single appointment for Zoom! teeth whitening treatment at [email protected] During your appointment, your dentist will professionally clean your teeth before applying the Zoom! treatment.

The treatment consists of a specially-formulated gel which is applied directly to the surface of your teeth. Your dentist will then hold a specialist light up to your teeth that will activate the ingredients in the gel. The process is repeated for maximum effect, all during the course of the same appointment. The gel will get rid of stains and return your teeth to their natural, white colour.

To maintain your new, white smile, your dentist will give you advice on how to properly clean your teeth as well as making suggestions about how small changes to your diet can help.

Will it work for me?

The Zoom! teeth whitening programme is suitable for any of our patients. It will work on your natural teeth, but it will not work on dentures, veneers, bridges or crowns – these may be cleaned professionally by your dentist to make them appear brighter, but Zoom! will not affect them. Many of our patients choose to have their teeth whitened prior to having crowns, veneers or bridges fitted or replaced, so that their ‘new teeth’ can be colour-matched to their newly-whitened natural teeth.

How long does teeth whitening take?

An appointment for Zoom! teeth whitening at [email protected] will take around 90 minutes. You may wish to combine it with a regular check-up or hygienist appointment for convenience, which would increase the overall appointment time to around 2 hours

Contact us to discuss teeth whitening

If you are interested in having your teeth whitened, perhaps to make your smile dazzle at a forthcoming event or just because you desire a brighter, whiter smile, call us or use our contact form to arrange a mutually-convenient appointment at our central London practice.