Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

As well as cosmetic and general dentistry, at Dentist@W2 we have specialists practitioners who are trained and qualified in facial aesthetics too. Whether you are seeking a more youthful complexion to complement a smile makeover, or simply want to smooth away imperfections in your skin, we offer a variety of cutting-edge procedures that will restore your confidence and rejuvenate your appearance.

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What is facial rejuvenation?

We provide tailored solutions to your specific needs and can discuss a range of available treatment options. All of our treatments are safe and are regulated by the Department of Health; they are delivered with the utmost care and respect in our comfortable and modern practice.

Some of the treatments we offer include:

  • Anti-wrinkle injections, which smooth away fine lines caused by smoking, age and stress.
  • Dermal fillers, which work on deeper lines and creases whilst maintaining a natural appearance by using natural products that replace what your skin has lost over time.
  • Lip enhancements, which erase fine lines, lift drooping corners and plump up thin lips to counteract the effect of ageing and smoking.
  • Skin rejuvenation using Restylane products, which are innovative and very popular amongst our patients as they stimulate natural collagen production, prompting your own body to fill in lines on your face. Your skin will look more youthful, with even skin-tone and greater elasticity.

How does facial rejuvenation work?

Each of our facial rejuvenation treatments work in different ways, though each is designed to target different types of skin imperfection. Your Dentist@W2 cosmetic expert will listen to what it is you would like to improve about your appearance and discuss with you the various options that will help. You can then decide on a treatment plan that will achieve a flawless finish that will suit your timeframe, skin type and budget.

Will facial rejuvenation work for me?

If you have fine lines, creases, an uneven skin tone, acne scars or damaged skin and would like to improve those imperfections, we have a range of treatments that have been tried and extensively tested to rejuvenate and repair skin on your face.

Our aesthetic professionals have access to our extensive range of cutting-edge treatments, products and technology and will explain all suitable options to you so that you can make an informed decision about which treatments to choose.

We want you to be happy with the results and will provide you with outstanding results. The products we use are all entirely safe and effective and will give you natural-looking, youthful skin.

How long does facial rejuvenation take?

This very much depends on which treatment you opt for. Some treatments will produce instantly-visible results after a single appointment, whilst others will take several treatments and time for the final effect to develop.

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If you are interested in having younger-looking skin or want to discuss any of our products with us, please call us or use our contact form to arrange a free initial consultation.

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